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Student 'Slumber' Pack
Student 'Slumber' Pack
Student 'Slumber' Pack

Student 'Slumber' Pack

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Over 1/2 of the population are getting a mere 6 hours or less of sleep a night, with 4 out of 5 people complaining of inadequate or disturbed sleep, it is easy to see why we need a helping hand when it comes to a good nights sleep. 

These statistics are based on the average person when you add in dissertations, a heavy course load and events calendars that would make even the most determined party animal desperate for a good nights sleep. 

Well, here at Napzzz we have selected some of our most effective products to help you get through those tough cramming sessions and well on your way to a good nights sleep and as an extra bonus, you will be saving 25%, we understand looking after your pennies is just as important as achieving a restful nights sleep. 

Whats included?

Glen Iorsa Lavender & Spearmint Calming Mist 100ml

Promote relaxation and create a sense of peace with the calming properties of this Lavender and Spearmint Calming Mist.

Yorkshire Lavender Oil Rollerball - 10ml

Did you know rubbing Lavender Oil onto the soles of your feet helps you sleep, this is just one of the reasons Lavender is one of the most widely used essential oils for its calming, soothing effects. 

Yorkshire Lavender Slumber Gel - 30ml
The Yorkshire Lavender Slumber Gel is made using 100% pure Yorkshire Lavender essential oil distilled from the lavender grown on their lavender farm. 


How to Use Your Bundle

Lavender Slumber Gel

You can apply the slumber gel to your temples and pulse points, this will promote relaxation and bring you an immediate sense of calm. 

Lavender Rollerball

You can use the rollerball on the soles of your feet before bed (using lavender oil this way is a sure fire way to a good nights sleep). You can also use the rollerball on your temples to relieve stress and headaches. 

Lavender & Spearmint Calming Mist

You can spray the mist on everything from your pillows to a general room fragrance. When you spritz any room it will create a relaxation haven, while preparing your space for a nap or a restful nights sleep. 


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